Thursday, 24 April 2014


Trenching & Cable Laying

Trenching is the traditional cable laying method in which an above ground trench is excavated to produce an open cable laying environment. In areas where the aesthetic and technical above ground considerations are not of priority, such as open country areas, trenching is still an economical and timely method to lay cable.
Designed for cutting narrow, straight trenches in the soil prior to laying electrical, telephone and cable lines, or water and gas pipe. We hold expertise in offering our customers Trenching & Laying that find usage in application areas like basement, stone quarry, cable trenching, pipe-laying, and concrete-breaking. In places were horizontal directional trenching is not possible due to various circumstances, manual trenching is done due to which all the optical fiber cables are laid even in the remotest of places. We have specialized expert team to execute allied works such as laying of cables and ducts by open trenching, blowing and splicing, etc., of Optic Fiber Cables. We have also undertaken works of erection of manholes, chambers, termination of cables, etc...
We put forth for our clients a quality and cost-effective range of tools for Trenching. These simple to use tools are wearing & tear resistant and are offered in variety of specifications. With extensive industrial experience backing our service operations, we are able to successfully understand as well as meet the requirements of Trenching, Laying & Installation of Fiber Optical Cables. We have a wide range of trenching capability from some of the most powerful jetting trenching equipment in the world to mechanical trenchers capable of cutting through the most difficult terrain.

Towers Installation & Maintenance

Bahuvida™ is one of the few companies which offer the Design, Construction and Maintenance of different kinds of Communication Towers under one roof. Being in the field of manufacturing of the High Rise Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Lattice Towers and Guyed Masts, our company has specialized in the complete range of Light, Medium and Heavy duty self-supporting Angular, Tubular and Hybrid Towers for rooftops and Ground Base applications.
Our experts have designed, fabricated and installed towers, which vary from a height of 6 meters to 150 meters, in different locations in India. Our products find their use in various industries such as Communication Towers, Microwave Links, Wireless Towers, Paging, Cellular Telephony, Lighting and Wind Energy. With our immensely experienced and dedicated team of professionals and technicians, we are able to provide complete Turnkey Solutions in the Telecom Sector. Maintaining the high quality of our products, at each stage of their manufacturing, fabrication and installation, has been our top priority.