Thursday, 24 April 2014

Quality Policy

Bahuvida™ prides itself in delivering quality service to its clients. We have implemented a Quality Management System throughout the company to meet the requirements of the Indian and International Quality Management System. This covers all aspects of our business operations.
The following policy statement applies to all services provided by Bahuvida™. It is the Chairmen & Managing Director responsibility to ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within Bahuvida Infrastructure Limited.

Business Policy Statement

To provides the best quality services to meet our commitment to our client’s in-time.

Our Policy Ensures That

All aspects of contractual obligations are addressed and fulfilled. All quality assurance records are completed and compiled, and are freely available for the client's perusal.
Company employees at all levels are aware of the company's commitment to providing services in accordance with the established quality assurance system and the employees form an integral part of that system.
Subcontractors/Vendors/Suppliers used by the company understand and comply with all aspects of the quality plan.
Our employees are an important part of all our operations. For that reason their health and safety is an important part of all our business operations. We encourage them to help improve our competitive position and develop a reputation by our customers, as a service provider unsurpassed in our industry.
Bahuvida™ is aware of the importance of environmental protection and ensures that construction practices are conducted in such a way as to minimize any unnecessary environmental damage.

Prime Policy

The company assures its clients of the commitment and pursuit of world-class infrastructure/construction services, materials and equipment complying with the relevant Indian/International Standard and Contract specifications.