Thursday, 24 April 2014


Distribution Pipelines

The per capital demand of energy in India has been rising steadily with an ever expanding population and economy. An effective and elaborate infrastructure to transport energy from point of source/production center (Petroleum, Natural Gas, LPG etc) to consumption areas has been undertaken on a large scale in India. New projects have been set up to meet rising demand of energy which requires an effective distribution network. The production facilities, pipeline network and associated installations available in India today are inadequate to meet the demand to transport the Natural Gas and Petroleum products to demand centers in an efficient, safe and environment friendly way.
Bahuvida™ has entered into EPC contracting of Inter-Country and Cross-Country Gas and Oil pipelines and a separate business division was established for the same. Bahuvida™ is one of the few contractors that can ensure the client a seamless execution of the pipeline projects amidst a multitude of challenging parameters. Now, the company is one of the major players in this segment. Unmatched speed, a large equipment base, experienced manpower and cost effective solutions, have established us as the preferred pipeline contractor with prestigious Oil and Gas conglomerates.