Thursday, 24 April 2014


Earth Works

We are engaged in providing Irrigation Canal Earth Work services to our clients as per their specifications. Our team comprises of highly efficient professionals who have the ability and expertise to complete any project efficiently and swiftly within the given deadline.
Bahuvida™ is one of the leading professional contractor of irrigation canals earth works which is fully equipped with latest construction machinery as required for Soil Excavation, Transportation, Leveling, Dressing, Compaction, Drilling, Soft Rock Excavation, Hard Rock Blasting etc, and having the team of qualified and experienced Managers, Professionals and Civil Engineers to deliver the right quality, workmanship as well versed with most modern construction techniques to suit the projects requirement and time schedule. We take up complete responsibility of project management, which includes execution and coordination. It will be our endeavor to complete the project in lowest possible time frame with least amount of funds input of client.

Canal Lining

Around 70% water is lost between the storage and usage points. The Canal and Reservoir Linings helps in reduction of seepage losses. Polyethylene film lining alone or in combination with conventional lining materials has proved to be an effective seepage proof method in canals and reservoirs. In a canal system, the discharge rate and the velocity of the flow play an important role in determining the type of Canal Lining to be used. On the basis of the parameters existing in a canal system, various methods are deployed in the lining of canals with Indothene film. Canal Lining not only promises to save the water but also the method of repairing the weak concrete linings.
Being a customer focused organization; we are engaged in offering remarkable Canal and Reservoir Concrete Linings. We provide an unlimited option of designs to the clients so that they can have their developed particular project as per their choice. Moreover, we can also provide custom-designed services as per the specifications detailed by the clients. The Canal Lining works we offer are highly appreciated for their timeliness, effectiveness, reliability and affordable prices.
We are a reputed enterprise involved in rendering Canal and Reservoir Lining works for various clients. With the aid of our experts, we are capable Concrete Lining works contractor for Canals, Reservoirs, Rivers etc… All our undertaken projects are executed and completed by a team of deft professionals in a most effective manner.

Pump Houses

Lift irrigation is a method of irrigation in which water is not transported by natural flow (as in gravity-fed canal systems) but is lifted with pumps or other means.
Pump Houses is the key role in Lift Irrigation projects, which are facilities including high speed electric pumps and other equipment for pumping fluids from one place to another. They are used for a variety of infrastructure systems, such as the supply of water to high level canals, the drainage of low-lying land, and the removal of sewage to processing sites.
Agriculture is the main stay of the Indian economy. Over 70% of the population scrapes a living by catering to the demands of the primary sector. At Bahuvida™, we strive at devising inspiring solutions that will, directly and indirectly, boost the production patterns in agriculture. Taking up projects, which irrigate vast areas of arid lands, is our specialization. These projects regulate excess waters into proper channels to avoid wastage of the most valuable resource.
We construct these Pump Houses with latest international standards and other modern infrastructure specified by client. Our diversified construction services are rendered with the assistance of latest civil and architectural designs. We have an efficient team to effectively manage various installations of the Pump Houses construction projects that are assigned to us.