Sunday, 27 April 2014

Infrastructure & Transport

In today’s world, infrastructure is becoming a crucial aspect of urban and sub-urban development, creating opportunities for sustainable and eco-friendly environments. Bahuvida's international team of planners and architects understands that infrastructure is only as strong as the connections it makes to its users with the surroundings.


  • Design of urban streets
  • Rural highways
  • Bridges
  • Drainage structures
  • Storm sewer systems
  • Sanitary sewer systems
  • Water supply and distribution facilities
  • Street Light System
  • Sewage lift stations
  • Earthwork projects
  • Erosion control projects
  • Utility extensions


  • Inter-modal studies
  • Computer modeling of traffic/trip generation
  • Long-term transportation plans
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Project development and environmental studies
  • Air and noise studies
  • Access management plans
  • Traffic impact analysis
  • Corridor studies
  • Central, state, and local highway's